Alpine Healthcare, LLC (“Alpine”) is an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Management company focused on experienced, effective and efficient healthcare. Alpine together with E3 Healthcare Management LLC (“E3”) has created a network of high-quality multispecialty ASCs in the greater Bay Area through the acquisition of existing surgery centers and development of new surgery centers. We also offer management services without equity ownership for ASCs that require improved operating efficiencies, increased physician participation and improved case mix and volumes.

Alpine is a California Limited Liability Company owned and managed by Larry Aufmuth, Steven F. Kanter, MD and Jay D. Pruzansky, DPM. E3 is a California Limited Liability Company owned and managed by Larry Aufmuth, Steven F. Kanter, Jay D. Pruzansky and Carole Wilson. Our preferred business structure is to form a California limited partnership that owns the ASC. Alpine or E3 serves as the General Partner and partners with a group of physician investors who can perform cases at the ASC. We enter into a long-term Management Agreement with each ASC thereby insuring continuity of management for the entity.

The Principals’ primary business activity is to oversee the management of all aspects of ASC operations. With the strength and stability of our management team, operating efficiencies are obtained by providing the following management services:

  • Medicare certification and California approved third-party accreditation oversight
  • Human Resources administration
  • Insurance Contracting to maximize reimbursement and respond to industry trends
  • Physician interface and credentialing
  • Supervision of purchasing and vendor relations
  • Marketing - ASC website development that connects the ASC and the Physician Partners’ practices
  • Accounting oversight, budgeting and Accounts Receivable management

Alpine and E3 create physician-driven organizations that enable physicians to do what they do best: provide high quality care for their patients. The chart below illustrates the respective case volumes of our ASCs in 2012.

E3’s management strengths include:

  • Long-term presence in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Excellent proven reputation for ASCs that provide high-quality care
  • Operating rooms designed and equipped to satisfy the most current physician needs
  • Superior physician satisfaction ratings
  • Expert, dedicated clinical staff with staff turnover less than 4%
  • Maximization of OR efficiency - on-time starts and fast turnaround between cases
  • Expedient, centralized surgery scheduling and insurance verification
  • Patient comfort and convenience with satisfaction rates which exceed 98%
  • Dictation service and surgery schedules with web-based access for physicians

Our Centers

All of our Surgery Centers are multi-specialty, AAAHC-accredited centers and offer outpatient surgery and 23-hour care. They are fully contracted and, with very few exceptions, all care is offered in network.

Campus Surgery Center is a 4 OR, 1 procedure room ASC serving the San Francisco and North Peninsula communities. Campus provides ENT, gynecology, general, pain, ophthalmology, orthopedic, podiatry, dental, plastic, and urology services.

Waverley Surgery Center is a 4 OR, 2 procedure room ASC located in Palo Alto serving the Mid- Peninsula. Waverley specializes in ENT, ophthalmology, pain, GI, and orthopedic services.

Bascom and Silicon Valley Surgery Centers are located in Campbell and Los Gatos, respectively. They service our South Bay patients. Silicon Valley is a 6 OR multi-specialty ASC that specializes in GI, general surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, pain medicine, podiatry, plastic surgery, and urology. Bascom is a 3 OR ASC that focuses on the orthopedic surgery, pain medicine, and podiatry.

El Camino, our newest acquisition, has six operating rooms and one procedure room. It is located in the Willow Pavilion on the campus of El Camino Hospital at 2480 Grant Road in Mountain View. El Camino is a spacious multi-specialty ASC.

Physician Partnership

Alpine and E3 have a proven track record of developing strong partnerships with multi-specialist physicians who are some of the most highly trained physicians from leading healthcare institutions in the Bay Area. These partnerships have proved to be a key factor in our business success.

Our Centers are fully contracted for patient and surgeon convenience. The performing physicians own 85% of the ASCs limited partner interest and Alpine or E3 maintains a 15% limited partner interest. Each Partnership meets the safe harbor requirements for physician investors, thus providing the opportunity for physicians to share in the generated facility fees. All of our ASCs were solidly profitable in 2012 and made distributions regularly throughout the year. Each partnership distributes 90% of its income to the physician partners each year, retaining 10% for capital improvements and major equipment upgrades. Financials are shared with the partners at partner meetings and we pride ourselves on total transparency in all of our financial management and reporting. “Partnershipness” is a concept we have coined over the years. It is an important concept for a prospective investor to understand, as it is a combination of attributes that we seek in prospective partners which will foster and develop in order to build a successful venture. Partnershipness includes such matters as courteous and constructive staff interaction, positive interface with management on all ASC matters, on-time starts, timely preparation of operative reports, efficient block utilization, attention to expense management, cooperation and assistance in scheduling cases, participation in ASC committees and meetings, and involvement in staff educational activities.

Physicians interested in an Alpine or E3-ASC partnership investment may call (650) 289-1655 and request to speak with one of the directors.

About our family of dedicated employees:

Alpine and E3 have developed a strong team of employees from the OR scrub nurse to the receptionist who welcomes both patient and family to our ASCs.

Employee stability is the key to building organizational knowledge, improving the quality of the patient experience and providing physicians with dedicated staff familiar with all their surgical needs. Our staff provides personalized, individual care with a customer-service focus. The clinical staff is prepared to support all of our ASCs as the case volume demand increases, thereby minimizing our need for outside registry staff. In addition, the salaries of the Director-level staff are allocated to all of the ASCs so that no single ASC pays 100% of administrative or managerial costs.

Each of our ASCs has been awarded “100 Best Places to Work” in the Bay Area in the past three years and we recently were recognized as one of the “Healthiest Places to Work” as well! This is a significant accomplishment and testimonial to the high-quality
employees at our ASCs.

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